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Happy while catching ''FISH'' in the FLOOD

A to Z of Dream Meaning and Interpretation WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at the dream of Althea about the flood. Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed that I was in front of our house. Then it rained, so the water got bigger and bigger. It was already flooded, so I rushed into our house, but the flood still reached our house. I went up to the top of the house, then I watched the water gradually grow clear and as it grew, I saw more fish and I caught fish. I was happy for that moment until I woke up. What does my dream mean?  Search the Meaning of Your Dream From Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study. HOME   -   A   -   B   -   C   -   D   -   E   -   F   -   G   -   H   -   I   -   J   -   K   -   L   -   M   -   N   -   O   -   P   -   R   -   S   -   T   -   W ANSWER: Remember the Basic Rule in interpreting dreams, "water is related to emotions or feelings" so when you dream of water, automatically, it is a picture of the current state of your "feelings or your emotions.&qu

Dream about bathing in the blue water of the pool

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT : This is a sign that a great fortune related to material things will come into your life  Now let's look at Garciela's dream about bathing in the pool, suddenly it rained and flooded.   Dear Yod HVH ,   Hello. I'm just asking what it means when I dreamed that we were bathing in a pool. Then suddenly it rained. My wife and I went up because the blue water was overflowing, when we went up, it flooded. Because the pool is high and there are houses on the side. The water in the pool reached the houses so that there were more people but no one drowned. People are even happy to take a bath. I hope you can answer my question.   ANSWER: The "pool" is a picture of your "vast unconscious self"