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Dream About Watching "PIGEONS" or ''DOVE'' Flying in the Sky

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Sarah's dream about pigeons. Dear Yod HVH, I saw in my dream that pigeons were flying in the sky and I was watching it. As I watched I was satisfied. ANSWER: If you are a young man or a man who is looking for a girlfriend and then you dream of "whores", this indicates that in the near future, "you will have a girlfriend whose femininity you can easily capture." But, if the dove you dreamed of, Sarah, is  "flying high and showing elegance in the air",  in the old or traditional interpretation it is a sign of "abundance, wealth and unexpected blessings coming your way family.”

I often DREAM of flying, Here are the Different Meaning

A to Z of Dream Interpretation HINT:  When a man is in a very bad situation, he also dreams that he is flying.  When a man wants to escape his life, in a dream, he flies.  When a man has a dream but he or she is scrambling to reach them, he or she can fly in his dreams. CASE STUDY: Let's now reflect Different Meaning of Flying in Dream ↑ Grab this Headline Animator Dear Yod HVH, I often dream of flying. Once, I walked home, then I flew home and got home immediately. At one point, in my dream, I did fly but it was low and my flight didn't go on. I also have dreams that I'm flying, then I'm with the clouds because I follow. Then I saw clouds raining in sugarcane fields or pipes of abundant water. I hope you can help me with the meaning of my dream. Thank you so much! Waiting, Katherine - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner - To you, Katherine,

Different Meaning of Seeing yourself FLOATING in DREAM

A to Z of Dream Interpretation CASE STUDY: Let's reflect the dream about I saw myself floating in the air  Dear Yod H V H, I saw myself floating in the air across my body lying. I was scared and in my fear, my floating body fell. I suddenly woke up and didn't sleep until the morning. Right now, I'm still thinking about my stance, what does this mean? Waiting, Kim - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner - To you, Kim,

In my DREAM there's an Full of Challenge

Let's Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) Flying with fight, and Gun   Dear Yod HVH,       I always pick fruit that is not mine. Sometimes vegetables but often fruits from mangoes. Sometimes I fly and fight. Sometimes also fighting with guns. In that dream I often have nightmares.                       May Flor. To You May Flor,        You know, Flor, life in the world is an adventure. So the idle, no trill. Those who are at home are just like that, there is no trill and especially those who have no dreams.