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Usually the dream of about "eating'' like picnic is related to Wish Fulfillment

A to Z of Dream meaning with.. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at the dream Jayson had about food and three boats on the side of the river. Dear Yod HVH, He said we had a picnic together in the farm. There are many foods, spread on banana leaves. There was grilled fish, barbeque, sliced ​​ripe mangoes, ripe bananas, and many other things that I can't remember. All I know is that we shook hands and had a happy meal.  After the picnic, we lay down on the bamboo bed under the mango tree. Then when we were on our way home, there were boats parked on the side of the river. There are three boats. The two are far from me, but beautiful and strong.  The one near me but not very good, because apart from being old, it also seems to be dilapidated. It's just because it's close to me and I want to go home, this is what I chose and I got on the boat, at first it was okay, it's just that I was in the middle of the river, the speed of the boat was not good, it's a good thing I ju

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