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Dream about the ''BUTTERFLY'' in the Dark Forest

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Fanny's dream about the butterfly. Dear Yod HVH, I just want to ask Maestro what my dream means. My friends and I are said to be in a forest. While we were having fun, a golden butterfly suddenly landed on me. His size and wings are unusual. The more I moved away from the butterfly, the more it landed on me. Then I looked around me, turned golden. I was shocked by what I saw. ANSWER: The forest in the dream is the "unconscious or the hidden self" that is why you dreamed of the "forest" because the "unconscious self" wants you to express something or wants you to say something that is "another of you."  Search the Meaning of Your Dream By Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study.  HOME  -  A  -  B  -  C  -  D  -  E  -  F  -  G  -  H  -  I  -  J  -  K  -  L  -  M  -  N  -  O  -  P  -  R  -  S  -  T  -  W In addition to this, because the forest is dark, you may have dreamed of the forest at the m

You have a boyfriend in your dream, but in real life you are still single

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT:  This type of dream is what the psychologist Sigmund Freud calls  "wish fulfillment dreams" CASE STUDY:   Let's look at  about Gina's dream about having a boyfriend and being given a ring.   Dear Yod HVH, This is my dream, I have a boyfriend. Then, he gave a ring. Now, I'm looking for it on my finger and it's not there, I'm not wearing it. Then, I approached my BF, I asked, "my ring is missing, is it yours?" No answer. But he said, "There it is!" So, I looked in my accessories drawer. First, I couldn't see it, but I saw it and I wore it. 

IN MY DREAM: Holding a gold necklace and a pendant that glows

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT: Whether the events that take place in the life of your boyfriend or a man have a positive or negative effect on your destiny, your dream also answers that question. CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Mae's dream about her boyfriend holding a gold women's necklace with a glowing pendant.   Dear Yod HVH,   What if the dream is that my boyfriend is holding a gold necklace and a pendant that glows. In my dream, my boyfriend did not know whose necklace was. Then an old man approached me as if the necklace came from him. And he said to me, "I always wear the necklace pendant and that's where my boyfriend's strength or energy can be obtained." What does this dream mean? ANSWER:

The symbolic meaning of Being in a room full of GOLDS in dream interpretation

Let’s Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about room full of golds Dear Yod HVH.    About my dream of being in a room full of golds, does that mean anything? I entered a room that was dark. Soon it became bright because of the shine of the jewelry, coins, bars and everything made of gold .. Is it a bad vision?                                      Chaka Doll. To you Chaka Doll,    Wow! your dream is beautiful Is your message also beautiful?    Everyone loves gold. That symbolizes wealth. So the dream says your dream is to get rich.      Will this come true?

What does it mean I've discovered gold? in Dream

 Let's reflect the dream about Gold Dear Yod HVH,      What does it mean I've discovered gold? Then, he's one kilogram. There's a woman who's going to go to me that I don't know, and that's where I'm going to get it.     And another one. 'It's not buried in the ground but in the building. On the wall, which was buried by the first ones to hide, it was dug into the building that was built on the wall. Then, a woman taught and helped me get.                            Ouie. To you Ouie,       You know, boy, there are legends about the Chicken that's squeezing gold. Which according to legend enriched the chicken owner.      There is also a legend about the gold tree that also enriches the owner of the tree.

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