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Dream about the "SHEEP" grazing on the side of the mountain with green grass

A to Z of Dream with... HINT : In interpreting the "sheep" in the dream, the "family" is always with the "family" because in reality in actual life, the sheep is rarely alone, instead the "sheep are always together in the pasture" See Full.. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Camille's dream about the sheep. Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed of sheep grazing on the side of the mountain with green grass. The sheep will be fattened and fattened. What does this dream of mine mean?   ANSWER: In the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the sheep can also be you or your relationship with your neighbor. That's why the saying "like a meek sheep" is popular among us Filipinos, which means "you are a kind or good person because of your obedience." 

Dream About Mountain, Snow, Grass, earing all in one Scenery

A to Z of Dream  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Alia's dream about mountains, snow, grass and a place that stinks because of human excrement. Dear Yod HVH,   Good day. I have three dreams that I want to know the meaning of. 1. I dreamed that I was on top of a mountain. It was blowing snow and I was alone on top of the mountain. I have a sack. And when I tasted the snow it tasted sweet. 2. My second dream, I was on the road and I was with someone. Then I picked up an earring. And along the way, there are a lot of jewels. And when I picked up the earrings, one of my companions told me not to pick up the jewelry. 3. My third dream, I was with Mom and Dad and we were on the grass and we were carrying a sack and then the area was very stinky, there was still human waste. Then Mom and Dad invited me to go home. And that's when I woke up. ANSWER: If you carefully examine your three dreams, there is almost the same meaning that your unconscious mind wants to convey:

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