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IN MY DREAM I was walking collecting COIN and BILLS that were inexhaustible

HINT: The  question now that is delicious to answer is ; "In the next few days can you really make money?" CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ruthchel's dream about collecting inexhaustible coins and banknotes. Dear Yod HVH, Hello! I was just going to ask a question and I wanted to know what my dream meant, that I was on the road, I was walking collecting coins and bills that were inexhaustible, I just put them in my clothes but still still not exhausted.

This is the reason why your Dream is opposite in reality

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about lottery and money   Dear Yod HVH,        I just want to ask what Dad Felix's dream means because he dreamed that I won the lottery, Dad gave me a number for me to bet on, he is 81 years old, What does it mean ?    Once I saw in my dream that I was holding something like a holen (small crystal ball ) that was very clear and water that was very clear, I could see the one underneath.    Today is 4 a.m. , I woke up my dream was a lot of money a hundred and a thousand, what does that also mean?    I hope you can help me answer my dream. Thank you very much! To you  Henrilyn,     Money trouble is the meaning of dreaming of hitting or being hit in the lotto; In fact he needed large amounts of money.   Sometimes, for personal needs, sometimes for wanting to do but can't because there is no money and sometimes wanting to help others but the need is money.

The Dream that announcing you're going to get married

Let's reflect The dream about  top of the building Dear Yod H V H,    Good morning, Sir , I dreamed I was going up to the top of the building and I fell for 20 and a 50, but I went down to get the money but someone had picked up.     I was looking for a woman who had picked up my money, when I got to the sea, and I saw that there was a fish and a catch from my friend, but I was the one who caught it. It's a different clasi, blue and boneless, I've never seen the fish before, it's a bright fish. Thank you!                     Nhoverjhayson. To you Nhoverjhayson,       If you're single your dream announces you're going to get married.