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Dream about night swimming with a Stranger and watching Moon

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Lovely's dream about the beach and the full moon.   Dear Yod HVH, We went night swimming with a man I don't know. After we were a little tired, we lay down on the sand. We hear the quiet waves while we watch the moon in the sky, it's round and round so beautiful. What does this dream of mine mean?   ANSWER: There are two magical lanterns in the sky, which in the early days, the natives or the ancient people thought that this was "God". These two torches are the Sun and the Moon . You can't blame them either, because the said torches are like "gods indeed", because these two torches speak of the coming.

Dream About Facebooking in the room, While looking in the MOON

A to Z of Dream Meaning CASE STUDY:   Now let's look at Jonna's dream about Facebooking, a bright sky and a bright moon that became eyes. Dear Yod HVH, Good day. Please interpret my dream. I'm in my room, I'm lying on the bed and I'm on Facebook. It was night and the sky was bright and the moon was in the sky. As the moon is so bright in the sky, it shines through the glass window in my room. As I looked at the sky, the moon that was so bright suddenly turned into an eye.  As in "the big moon became an eye that was just one big eye, the eye as big as the moon looking at me." The eye of the moon is very clear. It's not brave to look at me. I called Mama to tell her to look at the moon which turned into a big bright eye. Mama said, she also saw the eye.  What does this dream of mine mean? ANSWER: The fact that you are Facebooking in your room in a dream indicates that you are relaxed and do not have many problems, you are happy and easy-going. Meanwhile,

The SUN and MOON in Modern and Traditional meaning in DREAM interpretation

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT:  So if your dream is “moon turned sun” it is a sign that from being romantic and emotional you will be rational, be wise until the habit of citation will bring you a great and certain wealth and happiness. CASE STUDY :  Now, let's look at Rona's dream about the moon becoming the sun and the crater of the volcano. Dear Yod HVH, I also want to interpret my dream. I have two dreams. Last night I saw a huge moon in the east that almost covered the east. It's been a very clear day. So I realized that I was not the only one who saw the moon but also my two brothers. When I woke up, my next dream was that I had reached the crater of Taal Volcano.  Then at the top of the water there is a living fish that is impossible for the fish to live because the water inside the volcano is sulfuric. And that's why I'm in the crater of the volcano because I invite an investor and then I talk to the people who are there that if he invests, they will get rich

Let's Reflect the DREAM about MOON that was so bright

HINT: "The Power Is With You." Because this is exactly what the Full Moon means that you keep dreaming about. CASE STUDY: Dear Yod HVH,    I just asked because I dreamed of the moon that was so bright, it was pure like that a few times, last night that was my dream again. I just ask what does the full moon mean in the dream,  I hope you can answer. Thank you.                                           Marites. To you Marites,        The Power, Marites, is evil if used in evil and if in Right used, of course, not evil. The dream says, "The Power Is With You." Because this is exactly what the Full Moon means that you keep dreaming about.

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