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Dreaming of ''PIG'' in Traditional, Modern and Hawaiian Mythology Meaning

A to Z of dream meaning and interpretation  If it is based on old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, the meaning of a pig in a dream is somewhat mixed between bad and good. The pig in the dream says that you will have or currently have many traitorous friends who pretend to love you and care about you, but when you turn away, they slander you. This is also a sign of the literal word "you been Piggery" or "your friends will raise your decent or orderly lifestyle". Search the Meaning of Your Dream From Tag from A to Z with Sample Case Study. HOME   -   A   -   B   -   C   -   D   -   E   -   F   -   G   -   H   -   I   -   J   -   K   -   L   -   M   -   N   -   O   -   P   -   R   -   S   -   T   -   W

IN MY DREAM: PIG that looks like a dog, big house that she never saw

A to Z of Dream interpretation HINT:  The question now is "will this dream of his come true, will you live in a nice, big and beautiful house?" CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Issue 245 Evelyn's dream about a pet pig that looks like a dog of her relationship and a big house that she never saw.   Dear Yod HVH, I would like to know the meaning of my dream that my relationship is that he has a pet pig in his house. It is said that this pig that he takes care of is like a pet dog. Complete with equipment and food and he seems to take care of it very carefully. In my dream, my relationship's house was elegant and big, but I didn't see it. What does this dream mean? - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner -

Let's Reflect the dream (reflection of life) about Pregnant PIG, Reaping of RICE

Dear Yod HVH,    What does it mean that I dreamed that I had a pregnant pig, then, we passed by a lot of people who were harvesting rice. Then, there was a pig man who fought the pregnant pig, then, he drowned are we in the mud? Thank you very much.                                Respectfully,                                      Rebecca. To you Rebecca,       In Filipino culture, pork is a symbol of prosperity. So get ready because the abundant life is coming to you.   This confirms the pregnant pig in the DREAM that the pregnant in the dream means that the time has come when the destiny of man will be born.

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