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I see the two angels in our window in my DREAM

A to Z of Dream  WITH CASE STUDY: Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life ) about ANGEL Dear Yod HVH , I could see the two angels in our window, then entered my bedroom, but when I got up, I didn't see any person or angel. I went to bed again, but I was sleeping rough because I was thinking about two angels. Then, they showed up again in my dream and they didn't say anything and just stood across from my bed.  What does a dream about angels mean?

Prophetic Dream about 3 fat ''COW''

A to Z of Dream WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at James' dream about three fat cows.   Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed of three fat cows, who suddenly entered my room while I was sleeping. I heard someone walking, when I opened my eyes, there were three fat cows. But, they are not mad at me. I push them away, but they don't want to leave. I hope you can answer the meaning of my dream. Thank you very much. ANSWER: the cow indicates diligence and "hard working animal". your dream of "three fat cows" indicates "that through effort and hard work, three years from now you will be very rich and prosperous!" Meanwhile, don't forget to pay attention, your dream is similar to the Pharaoh's dream that can be read in the Bible. This is what the Pharaoh dreamed:  The Pharaoh said, "I am standing on the banks of the Nile River. Seven beautiful and fat cows came up from the river and grazed. There were seven skinny cows, the ugliest I've seen in

The Hidden Symbol of Dream with a number, like you see Two Poops

A to Z of Dream with... CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Kylie's dream about lots of overflowing water and poop. Dear Yod HVH, Good day! This morning I dreamed of shit. I was cleaning a big bowl the size of a bathtub, and then a lot of water overflowed, it was said that the person was flowing into the bathtub. Two whole shits, which are long. What does this dream of mine mean?   ANSWER: "The number two" means that two years will pass, if you are still a young woman or without a boyfriend, it means that you will have a boyfriend or eventually get married.

Reason why do we DREAM according to Holy Bible

 Let's  analyze the dreams recorded in the Bible itself and how they are interpreted. This time we will be brought to the dreams found in the New Testament. We will now discuss Joseph's Three Dreams. In such dreams, joseph was approached by the angel of God himself to warn him and what he should do... Joseph's First Dream In Matthew 1:18-25 reads something like this:


And for you to learn quickly how to interpret dreams, remember that there are eight (8) scenarios or events that make a dream come true and we can also say "Eight Basic Rules" about why someone dreamed. These are as follows: When you're "eagerly excited" to achieve something, or you're going to have to make a situation happen, you're likely to dream of it.

The Meaning of dream about Shinning crown of Mama Mary's statue

Let's reflect the dream about Mama Mary's statue Dear Yod H V H, I had a dream of Mama Mary's statue suddenly shining on the crown and I lined up because I wanted to go to the statue. When I sat next to him, I hugged him tightly and called his name and I was crying. After that, I woke up. What does this dream mean? Waiting,  Fely  To you, Fely, Most of the time, the man promises but doesn't make his promise. Even if it is not fulfilled, it promises again, so people, in fact, live on promises.

CASE STUDY : I had a dream for Mama Mary

Let's reflect the dream about Mama Mary Dear Yod H V H , I had a dream for Mama Mary . He was white and blue, then he called me and we went out in a garden with lots of low-key flowers. I also saw little angel babies and wings, and then they walked along Mama Mary and me. Mama Mary said hello to my mommy and daddy, and then she asked me 'my best friend Che-che. I said, they're okay. I even said Che-che was nice and I was always with him. What does my dream about Mama Mary mean? Waiting, Vangie

CASE STUDY: The dream that is repeated years ago

Let's reflect on Rodelyn's dream that is repeated Dear YHVH, I have a dream that is repeated. From 2010 to now, I've had this dream. I'm going to be hit by a tank of gauze and usually in my dreams that it's  I save my brothers and loved ones from the explosion. What does this mean? Waiting, Rodelyn With you Rodelyn, Your dream shows that it's better to have siblings and loved ones. This is compared to single or no loved one and a family that can be relied upon.

DREAM CASE STUDY : Sign that there are many life obligations that will not be reduced

  Let's reflect On Shen's dream about Wants to 'decrease' Dear YHVH, I'm so upset and I'm not going to finish off because I'm wearing so many bottoms and I'm even wondering because I'm wearing so many underwear, shorts and pants. Waiting, Shen To you Shen, When man has many obligations, his dreams become surreal dreams. Surreal dreams are images, actions or events that are different from normal life. To those who want to interpret a dream or to define your dream. please comment under this article.

DREAM CASE STUDY: Hint that Mama Mary is using to send a message that people need to change

Dear YHVH, I had a dream of Mama Mary holding my arm and she told me not to feed her a new one.  What does this mean? Thank you! Waiting, Trump Mareng Let's reflect on Tiguwang Mareng's dream about Mama Mary

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