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Dream about a yellow curtain, washing rice and an orange handkerchief

A to Z of Dream interpretation with CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Cris's dream about a yellow curtain, washing rice and an orange handkerchief. Dear Yod HVH, I hope you can interpret my dream. My dream was at my cousin's house in the province. I saw their window with a new curtain color, yellow. And he told me, he won the "swertres" and he even mentioned the last 2 digits. He won twelve thousand (P12,000), so they fixed their window. And a few days ago, I had a dream that I was washing rice. I saw a torn orange handkerchief in the rice and took it. What do these dreams of mine mean? ANSWER: The "window" in the dream means "the way you look at the world, your society, the people you know." It is also an indication of how you fit into the society you live in.

The Modern and traditional Meaning of RICE FIELD in DREAM

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Juliet's dream about the vast fields and the harvest season. Yod HVH, I dreamed that my brothers and I decided to settle in a vast field. It is said to be the harvest season, so there are many people in the fields mowing rice. They said that we went to the middle of the field and there they said that we cut ripe rice, which was golden in color.  Then my friends left one by one, it didn't matter that we were three brothers and I was the only one left to mow rice. I don't know where they went. Then when they came back, they were surprised because the rice that I mown had turned into rice that could be eaten. They were wondering how that happened, then I woke up. What does this dream of mine mean? ANSWER: According to your dream, Juliet, you and your siblings went to a wide field and this wide field was full of ripe rice because it was the harvest season.

Different definitions of rice in dreams base on your Current Situation

A to Z of Dream Meaning Let's reflect the dream about Rice Dear Yod H V H, I dreamed of rice, so I wanted to know what rice meant in the dream? Waiting, Carol To you, Carol, The rice means a simple thing in your dream, so here are some meanings of rice when dreaming.

Let's Reflect the dream (reflection of life) about Pregnant PIG, Reaping of RICE

Dear Yod HVH,    What does it mean that I dreamed that I had a pregnant pig, then, we passed by a lot of people who were harvesting rice. Then, there was a pig man who fought the pregnant pig, then, he drowned are we in the mud? Thank you very much.                                Respectfully,                                      Rebecca. To you Rebecca,       In Filipino culture, pork is a symbol of prosperity. So get ready because the abundant life is coming to you.   This confirms the pregnant pig in the DREAM that the pregnant in the dream means that the time has come when the destiny of man will be born.

Let's Reflect the DREAM about Whole Rice Grain

The DREAM, Reflection of Life about Whole Rice Grain Dear Yod HVH,     I just want to know, what is the meaning of my mother -in -law's dream, She said she dreamed of rice grains and she thinks they are very beautiful, whole and not crushed.     He said he wanted to buy 2 kilos for only -50, but he couldn't because someone called him in his dream as if he was told that they were leaving and they were in a hurry, until he woke up. Thank you very much! Looking forward to your answer. Thank you and God bless and more power to you. Ruby. To you Ruby,     There are many things to dream that mean good fortune. Just like your father -in -law dreamed that rice is whole grain and not crushed and beautified because that kind of rice, ruby, is first class rice. So first class luck or good fortune will go to your father -in -law.

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