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I often dream about my high school Crush mate

A to Z of Dream   CASE STUDY : Now let's look at Edzielh Angelo's dream about his high school crush. Dear Yod HVH, Please help. I often dream about my high school classmate. I used to crush on him, actually. I admit that I'm weak and I'm really clumsy, that's why he didn't know that I like him. But, I have a strong feeling that he still likes me. That's why we last saw each other at our graduation in 2013. Then, since then, I often dream about him, we share different events in my dream - sometimes we are happy, sometimes we argue. But, I always have him with me in my dreams even if someone else is included in my dreams, he never disappears, he is always there. But even though there was another person in my dream, I still remember him when I wake up. But I'm not thinking about him now. I can only remember him because then, I often dream of him and I don't know why? Right now I'm still a young man and as far as I know she's still a virgin becau

IN MY DREAM: Old School and the Witch Doctor Performing Ritual

HINT:  we also dream of school, because at present,  we want to study more and learn more for the betterment, the Witch Doctor s at the school  indicate that in the present, “there is a power that protects you that you cannot see. CASE STUDY:   Let's look  Nona's dream about her former school when she was still in elementary school, albularyo, performing rituals and offering animals such as pigs, chickens and goats. Dear Yod HVH, Hi ! Good day. I want to know what my dream of going to elementary school means. When I entered, I saw that there were people who looked like Witch Doctors. Then they perform rituals. Then they sacrificed animals. The one they offered, which was just near me was like a pig. Then there are other animals in their ritual, such as chickens and goats. What does this dream mean? ANSWER:

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