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Dream about a TREE that glows in the dark

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT:  If the tree that you dreamed of is "luminous" or "glow in the dark" and you are wowed by how beautiful it is, it is a picture of your own life and destiny. Maybe currently, you are very popular, and many people admire you or let's say many people like you or admire you, that's why your charisma and personality shine, like the tree you dreamed of. CASE STUDY: Now let's take a look at Issue 217 of Janice's dream about a tree that glows in the dark and wows you when you look at it.  Dear Yod HVH, Good day, Maestro! I'm just asking what it means when I dreamed that I saw a beautiful tree. It is a big tree and suddenly I looked at the said tree and when I saw this tree I said "Wow! What a beautiful tree!” That big tree is so beautiful and it's still glowing.  That's why I can't tell or I don't know what kind of tree it is, just that it looks very beautiful because of the light coming from it. I hope

IN MY DREAM: Holding a gold necklace and a pendant that glows

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT: Whether the events that take place in the life of your boyfriend or a man have a positive or negative effect on your destiny, your dream also answers that question. CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Mae's dream about her boyfriend holding a gold women's necklace with a glowing pendant.   Dear Yod HVH,   What if the dream is that my boyfriend is holding a gold necklace and a pendant that glows. In my dream, my boyfriend did not know whose necklace was. Then an old man approached me as if the necklace came from him. And he said to me, "I always wear the necklace pendant and that's where my boyfriend's strength or energy can be obtained." What does this dream mean? ANSWER:

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