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I found out that I have not wearing ''SHOES''

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Angel's dream about riding a bus, barefoot and her boyfriend gave her slippers.   Dear Yod HVH Good day. I want to know the meaning of my dream. I left the house, got on the bus with my boyfriend but when I got off he was waiting and I found out that I had nothing on my feet and he handed me a pair of slippers? What does this mean? At first, I always dreamed that "I was running and when I stopped I had nothing on my feet." ANSWER: In today's time and even in the time when shoes were not invented,  " footwear" is very important, which we now call "sandals, slippers or shoes."

The difference between shoes and slippers in Dream Interpretation

 A to Z of Dream  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Andy's dream about shoes. Dear Yod HVH, He said I was walking in a shopping mall or like a department store. I saw a shoe. I'm stylish and beautiful in this shape but I don't have anything to buy. I used to think in my dream that I would save and when I have money I will buy it. Then I went home, I opened our door and I looked at the dining table, there was a box and when I opened the box, the shoes I loved were inside. When I put it on, I suddenly woke up from my dream that my feeling was very real.   ANSWER: According to the traditional or old-fashioned meaning because shoes are used for walking to leave the house, and the difference between shoes and slippers , with slippers,

Dream About Big "SHIP" docked, and TREE

A to Z of Dream  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ethel's dream about the ship and the tree with big fruit. Dear Yod HVH, Hi there! Good day! I dreamed of a big ship docked. Then from below, I saw my mother on the top of the ship cleaning the rooms. My mother told me that I will continue the cleaning. Next, I dreamed again. I also saw my brother is at peace. I saw him climb the tree, but the tree bore no fruit. But up there, there was a big fruit and my brother picked it and gave it to me. And after he came down from the tree he also gave me shoes. And I immediately put it on, it was so beautiful and so soft on my feet.  What is the meaning of my dreams? ANSWER: Your two dreams are almost similar and have the same meaning, both of which have a positive meaning, but before that, let's examine one by one, what is the meaning of "ship, tree with fruit and shoes" in your dream.

In My DREAM, I found my favorite "SHOES" in the scattered Place

A to Z of Dream  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Queenry's dream about shoes, her former crush and the castle. Dear Yod HVH , I dreamed that my shoes were all scattered. However, my favorite shoes were found and I got them again. I said I found that shoe match quickly. In my dream I was happy. Case in point, my ex-crush always comes in and interjects in my dreams, then when he interjects he is always with his wife. I had a big crush on that high school crush, but not anymore. Because I'm familiar with him and I'm very moved on by him because he didn't date me either. After I found my shoes I was very happy in my dream like I was a rich man. My clothes are very beautiful and I am very well in that dream. I'm in another country. In reality, I'm already in another country, but in my dream I'm still in another country and with me in my dream is my male cousin who I went with to pick up my pair of shoes. While we were both smiling in the dream, we were going t

Dream about two CUTE men she doesn't know

KEYWORD A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT :  Just like  “strangers”  or “people we don’t know” appear in our dreams the correct interpretation of that “they are also the hidden aspect of yourself”  CASE STUDY :  Let's look at  Zelly's dream about two men she doesn't know that come out in her dream. Is this one of them that he can marry as he imagined?   Dear Yod HVH, Hi Yod! I just ask if is also seen in the dream who will be your future husband or future wife? This is how I dreamed:

IN MY DREAM: my friend gave me slippers

A to Z of Dream interpretation HINT:   "slippers and shoes" also symbolizes "you are leaving home", so these things when dreamed are also a sign of the seven "departures or journeys." CASE STUDY:   Let's look at Phoebe's dream about her friend giving her slippers. Dear Yod HVH, Hello! I had a dream, my friend gave me slippers. What does this mean? - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner - ANSWER:

The Symbolic meaning of Measuring SHOES in Dream interpretation

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life ) about measuring the Shoes Dear Yod HVH  Good afternon please! I'm just asking, what does it mean when I measure the shoes that are being distributed?                            Roralyn. To you Roralyn. It is not easy to succeed in life because what is needed is before entering any field one must carry a weapon of destiny which others call "The Key Of Successful life."

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