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The difference between shoes and slippers in Dream Interpretation

 A to Z of Dream  CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Andy's dream about shoes. Dear Yod HVH, He said I was walking in a shopping mall or like a department store. I saw a shoe. I'm stylish and beautiful in this shape but I don't have anything to buy. I used to think in my dream that I would save and when I have money I will buy it. Then I went home, I opened our door and I looked at the dining table, there was a box and when I opened the box, the shoes I loved were inside. When I put it on, I suddenly woke up from my dream that my feeling was very real.   ANSWER: According to the traditional or old-fashioned meaning because shoes are used for walking to leave the house, and the difference between shoes and slippers , with slippers,

Dream about Lost Slipper and Wallet

A to Z of Dream CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Carmen's dream about slippers and wallet. Dear Yod HVH, What does it mean when I dreamed that I left my slippers and they got lost and I looked for them but couldn't find them? But when I was looking for it I got a wallet, I hid it and stuck it in my shorts.   ANSWER: Because slippers are stepped on and it is also the way we can leave the house and go everywhere, so the dream of slippers means our current situation in life, especially at home, in friendships and in the socializing people.

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