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The symbolic meaning of Dream of fallen rotten tooth with so many white worms

A to Z of Dream with HINT: D ream warns of your health deterioration, See full  CASE STUDY : Let's reflect dream, reflection of life teeth, worm Dear Yod HVH,       I often dream of a toothbrush, last night, I had a dream of getting rid of my rotten teeth, seeing the fallen rotten tooth with so many white worms, thin white worms.    Then, I saw I was dead in my dream, the boy pulled me, then, I came up looking at myself, I was dead, then, I became a man, what would that be? When I'm old I often get along with my boredom. That's it!                              Queen. To you  Reina,         It's clear that your dream warns of your health deterioration so you can get sick in a day or two.

Symbolic meaning on Tooth Gradually Loosened in Dream interpretation

Let’s Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about gradually loosened Tooth Dear Yod HVH, I have a question about my daughter's dream, a girl. That tooth of his gradually loosened and gradually fell out but there was hardly one left at the far left. When he woke up, he immediately bit the pillow and the wood. What does it mean, because I'm worried? Thank you. Edna, To You Edna, You know, Edna, the tooth is the hardest part of the human body. And the jaw is the strongest part of a person. Interestingly, ‘ the jaw that is the strongest the one that holds the hardest?

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