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My dream is like a movie, End of the world theme

KEYWORD HINT:   if you have never watched such movies and then you dreamed while you were driving that things fell from the sky, this is the meaning of your dream. First, “you are  driving on the boulevard ” means your life is happy, you are just relaxed and cool or your life is just comfortable at the moment. ... CASE STUDY : Now let's look at  Bonsai's dream about driving on the boulevard, in traffic, soft drink containers falling, many things falling from the sky, such as airplanes, cars and so on. .   Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed of driving on the boulevard, then being in traffic for those hours, until suddenly a truck appeared. The truck that suddenly appeared had a load of stacked containers of softdrinks that at the extreme height of the stack almost as high as a building it suddenly fell in front of us. Fortunately, I saw it so I avoided the accident. But, in a flash, things like airplanes, cars, and many others fell from the sky. In the end, my companions and I survived. Yo

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