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Sometimes our dreams accurately describe "a story or event that Will happened in the Future

A to Z of Dream  WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Rose's dream about the landslide and tidal wave. Dear Yod HVH , Hello, have a nice day. I just wanted to ask, because I've had this dream twice. It's like this: They said we were at the top of my husband's building, and then there was mud falling towards the window of the building, but at that moment, we were already coming down from the building. Then the bottom of the building is said to be a paradise and there is no more mud falling from the window. My second dream is like this: We were swimming and suddenly a tidal wave hit us. My husband and I ran and hid in a hut-like house. Then I looked for my children. He said he came and my family and I got together. What does this dream of mine mean? ANSWER: Sometimes our dreams accurately describe "a story or event that happened, is currently happening or will happen in our life or experience." Usually when this type of dream, it can be compared to a short sto

Dream about that he was become the captain of the SHIP

A to Z of Dream Meaning HINT:  If you, in real life are just a ship's crew or common seaman and after your dream you became a Captain, this means that in the coming day, you will actually and truly be promoted. CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Julius's dream that he was the captain of the ship and he passed the ship through a narrow passage then there was a strong storm at sea.   Dear Yod HVH, I dreamed of a ship. I am the captain of the ship.

Dream about a strong current of water or Wave

A To Z of Dream Meaning HINT:  When you dream of a  wave , even in the sea or in the river, this  wave , weak or strong, it foretells the trials and problems to come or, the trials and problems you are currently working on or having problems with. CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at  Joecelyn's dream about a strong current of water, big fish being caught, crossing the water up to her chest and up to her neck to get home. - Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner -

The Secret of your DREAM about Ocean wave

HINT : The wave can also be a  problem related to love,  emotion CASE STUDY:   Now let's look at Shiela's dream about the coming wave, and how the wave swept away the people. Yod HVH, Good pm Maestro! I'm Shiela, I'm just asking what my dream means that there are waves coming. We prepared for the coming wave, and when it came, I could clearly see the coming wave that I saw how the wave carried the people, but when it came to us, the wave suddenly stopped.

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