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IN MY DREAM: Old School and the Witch Doctor Performing Ritual

HINT:  we also dream of school, because at present,  we want to study more and learn more for the betterment, the Witch Doctor s at the school  indicate that in the present, “there is a power that protects you that you cannot see. CASE STUDY:   Let's look  Nona's dream about her former school when she was still in elementary school, albularyo, performing rituals and offering animals such as pigs, chickens and goats. Dear Yod HVH, Hi ! Good day. I want to know what my dream of going to elementary school means. When I entered, I saw that there were people who looked like Witch Doctors. Then they perform rituals. Then they sacrificed animals. The one they offered, which was just near me was like a pig. Then there are other animals in their ritual, such as chickens and goats. What does this dream mean? ANSWER:

DREAM about being BEWITCH

HINT: Someone is Very Jealous to you CASE STUDY: Dear Yod HVH, I just ask, I was able to save myself from being  bewitched. then, I was supposed to fight my illness, then, my dream was broken.                   Sanya. Saiyo Sanya,         When a person is very jealous, there is a chance that he, like you, will dream that he is being bewitched or bewitched. So it’s very clear that you, Sanya, have a lot of envy.

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